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Successful Wealth Management requires a Holistic Approach

Accumulating wealth for the purpose of enjoying a comfortable retirement involves a complex process. Relying on a pension plan or 401k worked for past generations. Today, volatility in the stock market has become commonplace. Investments that have a history of increasing in value, such as certain blue-chip stocks and real estate, can easily net losses in today's economic climate.

A financial planner in the 21st century will recommend a more holistic approach. Equity investments still have their place, but there needs to be a safety net of some kind. Wealth management strategies in modern firms include downside volatility programs that are designed to help clients during times of market volatility.

The Mathematics of Portfolio Diversification

Newton's third law of motion states that, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” A financial advisor assists with developing a portfolio that is in line with your individual tolerance for risk and time horizon. Over time your financial advisor can help rebalance your portfolio to make sure it is still in line with your stated objectives.


The Process of Personal Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning begins with an evaluation of your assets, liabilities, and goals. It's important to start the process early, preferably while you're in your late thirties or early forties, but it's never too late to plan for retirement. Typically, our income increases as we get older, so contributions to a retirement plan can be higher in our fifties than they are in our twenties. Americans are also working longer, sometimes into their seventies.

The next step after looking at the numbers is to evaluate risk. Younger people can afford more risk, because the market fluctuates short-term, but usually produces steady gains over the long term. If you look back at the past thirty years, you'll see some scary downswings, even a recession or two. You'll also see a gradual climb up and to the right if you're viewing a line chart of annual market returns. History has shown this will happen in most thirty-year periods.

Older investors need to be more cautious. Starting your retirement plans in your fifties can mean you only have a fifteen-year window to save. There's a tendency to want higher risk to earn greater rewards, but you may not be able to afford to lose your principal investment.  Consult with a professional financial planner to make sure you are making the appropriate investment decisions.

How to Get Your Wealth Management Program Started

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