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Ensuring the financial security of the people who matter most to you is an important responsibility. This means protecting the value of what you provide for them on a day-to-day basis.

This includes the income you earn, the benefits you provide through work and the responsibilities you have at home such as caring for children or maintaining your home.

For many people, their future earning power is their most valuable asset. Consider how much you will earn over the course of your working career.


Essential Protection for Your Family


Essential Protection means protecting your income with an appropriate amount of life and disability income insurance. These policies help provide financial security for your loved ones if you were to die or become disabled and were no longer able to provide for them.

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Without your income, how would your family:


- Pay the mortgage?

- Get the health care they need?

- Provide for your children's education?

- Continue to save for retirement?







The Right Amount of Life Insurance


Life insurance helps maintain your family's standard of living by paying a death benefit that is generally income tax free. It is important to assess the financial needs of your family in order to determine the appropriate amount of coverage to help protect their standard of living.Having the right amount and right type of life insurance can help protect their financial security. The income you earn may be the single largest financial contribution you make to those who matter most in your life.


Building a Foundation for the Future


Once you have determined the right amount, the next step is to decide which type of coverage is right for you. There are two basic types: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. For many people, some combination of the two is the best fit. The good news is that most people can get the coverage they need at a very affordable cost. Once you have the essential protection your family needs, you can focus on your other financial goals – like saving for your children's education or your retirement. Our Wealth Management Advisors can help you understand the benefits that each type of policy offers, and help you determine the coverage that is right for you.


The Cost of Waiting


We've all heard the expression “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” The fact is that many people wait to put plans into action, even when they know that delaying is not in their own best interest. Buying the right amount and the right type of life insurance early in life may offer substantial long-term benefits. In general, life insurance premiums increase as you get older. In addition, if you develop a medical condition that worsens over time, your premiums may be higher or you may not be able to get coverage.


Talk to a Professional


Protecting the financial security of your family is important. That's why you need a skilled financial professional to help you get the coverage that is right for you. As your life evolves, your needs may change. You may get married, have children or grandchildren, or advance in your career. Your financial professional will be there every step of the way to help ensure that your life insurance coverage keeps up with these changes and continues to protect those who matter most to you.  Let us know how we can help!


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